Seventh-day Adventist Singles
and Online Dating Web Sites.
Adam was lonely until he met Eve.
Adventist Dating Sites.
Single adventist women &
men can be found on these
online dating web sites.
Adventist Contact

Adventist Match

Adventist Singles Connection

Veggie Date .org

Some of these match making
websites are non-SDA owned.
Seventh-day Adventist Singles Groups and Singles Ministries.
Location of Ministry Name of Ministry
Australia Adventist Singles Network - South Pacific
Canada - Alberta Singles Ministries
North America Adventist Single Adult Ministries (ASAM)
California - Southern Southern California Conf. Single-Adult Ministries
Florida FL Conf. - Children, Family & Singles Ministries
New York - New York City F.O.C.U.S. Ministries
Three Angles Broadcasting Network (3ABN) is a television
and radio network. Sometimes they play programs about
marriage and relationships. Some of these programs are
mainly for married couples. However, Adventist singles
can still learn from them.
Listen to 3ABN radio online.
3ABN radio schedule.
3ABN radio program descriptions.
Radio stations that carry 3ABN.
Watch 3ABN TV livestream online.
3ABN television schedule.
3ABN television programming.
Ways to watch 3ABN television.
Cable TV stations that carry 3ABN.
Satellites that carry 3ABN TV.
Marriage in God's Hands
These programs help men and women improve their marriages.
Even though they are geared for married couples, it is still very
important for single Adventist men and women to learn about
marriage before they date and marry.
Download episodes of Marriage in God's Hands.
Adventist Review (Cutting Edge)
Volume 181 Number 34, August 19, 2004, Page 15
The Update - Life from a single's standpoint
Adventist Review (World Edition)
Volume 181 Number 24, June 10, 2004, Page 26
The Glue of Heaven - Forming healthy, lasting relationships
Adventist Review
January 2, 2003
It's OK to Be Lonely
Adventist Review (Special Issue - Ministry Outside the Lines)
Volume 179 Number 35, August 29, 2002, Page 8
Connecting With Young Professionals
Adventist Review (Cutting Edge)
Volume 178 Number 7, February 15, 2001, Page 8
Christian and Single: What's a Person to Do? has many different Bible topics.
Some of them are about -
Focus on the Family has many different articles and episodes.
Some of them are about -
Singles and Dating
I am unaware of any SDA
online dating books, so here
are a couple of Christian ones.
"My Journal, Online Dating:
Finding Love with God's Help"
by Virginia Burress
"World Wide Search:
The Savvy Christian's
Guide to Online Dating"

by Cheryl Green
I am unaware of any SDA singles magazines,
so here is a webzine for Christian singles.
Single Matters Magazine (webzine)
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